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Jenny Odel November.
2018 where does this strange Empire start or stop?
Where does this strange Empire start or stop?
Jenny Odel Part 1: Zoom in Part 2: Zoom in on where does this strange Empire start or stop?
Recently, one of my students told me a strange story at Stanford University by Jenny ODELLNovember 27,2018.
His parents live in Palo Alto, California.
They received a mysterious package at their home.
The shape and size of the package vary, but each package is sent to the \"return department\" of Valley fountain LLC \".
\"I looked into it and found that a company called Valley fountain LLC did list it on the address of his parents.
But it also appears to be listed at 235 suites, 350 Montgomery Street, downtown San Francisco.
The same is true for the other 140 LLCs, most of which were registered in 2015.
The names of many other companies are confusing and somewhat surreal.
They include Bropastures, Dreamlish and your friend Bart LLC.
In further checks, each is associated with an Amazon seller (
Usually based in European countries)
There is an equally strange but unrelated name like the Ipple Store, DeepOceanStoreuk and giggle eyes.
There are no patterns or themes for what these Amazon stores sell.
From acne cream to desk lamps, they have everything and have different inventory.
Sale of DeepOceanStoreuk (
Stores on Amazon
UK related to Bropastures LLC)
I found a book about industrial power, a fake facial wound and a \"Microsoft work 8 & 8 stress free Technical Guide \". 5.
Another store is Kingdom Kber, which is on Amazon.
De is associated with Agapao LLC and the advertisement promotes a miniature whale, nail gel and a copy of \"undocumented immigrants and higher education.
However, they are not currently available when I click on these items.
Many stores are empty.
One thing in common with these LLCs is that their registered agent is Jonathan Parker.
Although the package sent to my student\'s parent\'s house was sent to Valley fountain LLC, one of which was labeled with a return label indicating that it came from an Amazon store called Sendai bookstore.
I checked and found that it was on a warning list of several unauthorized dealers with more than 400,000 items for sale.
But these products seem to be chosen at random.
Strangely, they are also very expensive.
It may be hard for you to imagine someone paying $42.
66 ounces of ulcer relief anesthesia gargle, $52.
The price of three boxes of elabao is 00, or $127.
09 medium beige compression stockings.
But some people may not have done research.
I decided to order something. A.
Matte Velvet lipstick for girls (3 pcs)for $25. 63. (
I pretended not to see the same item listed for $10.
Another dealer 74)
Amazon told me that lipstick will be available in two weeks;
No tracking information.
As it happens, the incredible e-commerce is a passion for me, which is why my students mentioned these packages, that\'s why I suspect the people behind these retailers are doing something like \"just went up a notch.
Drop shippers is an online seller without any product inventory.
Instead, they advertise the product and if they buy the product, they buy the product from overseas and ship it directly to the customer.
In this case, it seems that Valley fountain Co. , Ltd. and other companies pretend to be traditional retailers.
Usually through Amazon stores like Sendai bookstore
They just resell items from other Amazon stores at high prices.
It sounds confusing, but in the end, it is very similar to the ticket for the ticket to the ticket: The middleman makes money by raising the price.
Items in many storefronts related to 235 Montgomery, Suite 350 are shipped unusually long and the inventory continues to be low, so it makes sense that items purchased from them may come from somewhere else.
While waiting for lipstick, I went back to the list of LLCs and noticed that the company had other things in common.
According to LinkedIn and Facebook, at least a handful of listed agents are alumni of Olivet University at the California Bible school.
If the University of Olivet sounds familiar, it\'s because it\'s been in the news recently.
Earlier this year, as part of an ongoing fraud investigation by the Manhattan district attorney\'s office, its office was raided.
In 2000, an evangelist named David Zhang established Olivet University in California.
His global religious community
Often referred to simply as the \"community \"--
Many of the alleged violations of labor, fraud and abuse were affected.
It includes 2014 stories from Mother Jones.
The community recruited them from China and brought them to the United States, Zhang said. S.
Student visa to study at Olivet University.
Followers say, in fact, they are working illegally most of the time with very little pay, creating a click bait for the International Business Times.
The International Business Times was founded in 2006 by two followers of David Zhang, Etienne uzzak and Jonathan Davis.
It was originally a small business and business site that developed by collecting stories of basically everything.
By 2013, it has enough revenue to buy struggling Newsweek magazines from Barry Diller at a low price.
IBTimes was subsequently renamed Newsweek Media Group and increased the network traffic of Newsweek, in part because the game search engine brought more clicks.
In the past few years, the pressure on employees to increase page views has increased, and even if Google and Facebook have changed algorithms to crack down on click bait, traffic on the site has declined.
As it happens, the story blends with my other interest.
My boyfriend has been an editor in Newsweek for a year.
He was released April 2017.
In January of this year, things are getting darker.
Investigators at the Manhattan district attorney\'s office raided Newsweek\'s New York office and took 18 computer servers.
The magazine\'s own reporter conducted a survey and found that in the past few years, Newsweek Media Group has paid the university of Olivet millions of dollars in \"licensing and research and development agreements \"--
When the magazine was in financial trouble
Newsweek reporters also found that their company offered free ads worth about $149,000 to New York\'s duchy County. Olivier transformed an abandoned mental hospital into a satellite campus at Olivier University. The deal —
This led to 10.
Promote page ads for local tours and Hudson Valley regional airports-
With the assistance of Marianne rebroo, president of the company overseeing the construction. Mr.
Rebro\'s company was then referred to as Dover Green, but was previously referred to as Olivet management, which had been in trouble with the renovation of the psychiatric hospital.
In 2016, it worked with the Department of Labor to resolve a $700,000 case involving workers exposed to asbestos and lead hazards.
At the time of the advertising transaction, the company is seeking tax exemption in Dover town, Duch County.
Dutchess County officials told Newsweek that they did not commit to preferential treatment in return for advertising.
Next is Manhattan, DC. A.
Raided Olivier\'s campus. in-progress.
The state police who assisted the raid were not aware of the nature of the search warrant, according to the bokepsey daily,
Rebro said the search was for the Newsweek server \".
\"The University of Olivet is not the subject of this visit,\" he told the newspaper . \".
\"They didn\'t take anything from the campus.
\"Several Newsweek journalists who are in charge of investigating their company and its relationship with Olivet University were fired earlier this year.
A spokesman for Newsweek Media Group declined to comment.
Thinking of an office at 235 Montgomery Street, I imagined 141 o\'leavitt alumni, everyone on a small table, carefully looking after his or her Amazon storefront.
After all, the 2011 Olivet University press release says students at the Olivet Institute of Technology and the Olivet Business School are working together to \"explore the features of e-commerce
Business website.
\"Or maybe it\'s Jonathan Parker, the registered officer of these stores, who is in there alone with a laptop?
Or no one at all.
Just a buzzing automation system that lists random products on Amazon pages by searching for retail sites?
I went to check at 235 Montgomery Street and found a set of locked double doors with cameras, flash lights and card readers.
In the catalogue of the building, Suite 350 is listed as IBPort, Inc.
By then I was familiar with the name.
IBPort is another company that Jonathan Park registered in 2012.
But IBPort is not another Amazon store. It seems to be a complete store.
Mature online business selling its own products (
Although prices still seem to be rising).
Some projects, such as Asavea straighters and SeaSum Bluetooth speakers, all have trademarks and have or have their own compelling website even if they use a large inventory image.
For example, Martin Jr. \'s drawer is a baby products company that has a website that combines stock images with some delightful pastel graphics. (
Interestingly, the company is also described on its website as \"a brand concept and a San Francisco-based startup. ”)
The above three brands and other products on the IBPort website all have trademarks belonging to Jonathan Park.
If you are looking for Jonathan Parker on the current Olivet University website as I am, you will not find him.
But in a very long article he wrote for The Christian Post in 2012, the site itself was created by Mr. David Zhang
Park called himself the director of the Olivet School of Journalism.
Maybe Olivet\'s connection explains why
The park originally registered IBPort at another address in Scotland Valley, California.
Just outside Santa Cruz.
The address is the former site of Bethany University. Bethany University, a Christian school, closed in 2011 due to financial difficulties.
Olivet University operated at the campus in part of 2011 and 2012, after the closure of Bethany, requested permission to use its name and \"adopt and advance the mission of Bethany \".
Olivet\'s bid to acquire the campus-
Nearby Borland Software
Eventually rejected.
But back to IBPort.
This is not the only place where you can find many trademarks of Jonathan Parker.
If you want a \"Essy beauty\" charcoal go to the blackhead acne mask or \"Spreaze\" 3-
D building blocks, you have to go to a shop called \"Every market.
The strange and expensive items sold there also remind people of the post-modern classification of Amazon stores.
For example, among the new arrivals, I found a children\'s dinosaur costume with a bottle of psoriasis shampoo and a can of dingbenzene fuel next to it.
In addition to the significant emphasis on patriotic America, Twitter accounts for each marketS. holidays (
Including the \"birthday\" of the big Army \")
It is mainly to post ordinary lifestyle photos next to advertisements selling products.
These images are not in harmony with their synthesis.
For example, a tweet with Asavea\'s straighter
A trademark of Jonathan Parker.
Ps royalty-
Free Stock Photos
The about page for each market.
Com is also a bit disturbing.
A long explanation of how the \"founder\" used to travel to New York with a suitcase that couldn\'t accommodate all the great products he bought there, sounds like Tommy wisso\'s fame: who is the international shopper of the room?
It\'s hard to say.
Until recently, Marianne rebroo, president of Olivet
The subsidiary management company that developed the New York abandoned mental hospital was listed on the business website as manager of Everymarket Inc. But Mr.
\"I\'m not the founder of every market,\" Rebro said in a statement. com.
Some time many years ago, I gave advice to the company, but never worked there.
He also said: \"I am not, and I have never been a manager or employee in every market.
\"Every market is listed in the United States. K.
Since each market is limited, it has been dormant since its inception in 2014.
The director listed is C Dev PragadE. O. of Newsweek.
He took the role after the 2016 acquisition of IBT Media.
It\'s not hard to see the strange high-priced Essy beauty Peel --
As a click bait for a product version, turn off the mask or Asavea straighter.
After all, what is the experience of clicking on the bait, except to realize that we have paid a huge price, even if it is only our attention?
News, information and products are just someone\'s inventory.
Like click bait is usually a mess. mash of copy-
Paste content aggregated from other sources, products on retail sites run by members of the community tend to look inferior to the original.
For example, Martin Jr. \'s drawer baby nail grinder is almost the same as some of the products wholesale on Alibaba, with a wide variety of color combinations.
The listing of Essy beauty products in each market sometimes blatantly shows pictures of other brands.
This puts some of Montgomery\'s 235-listed companies in trouble.
In 2017, for example, a company called Curv Brands LLC
Trademark owner of Keysmart key manager-
Sued one of Mr. Goldeast LLC.
Many companies in the park have produced a very similar key organizer under the trademark \"Kiartten. ”On the now-
Kiartten, who has closed down
Com, the key organizer has a name that sounds even like a click bait: \"Kiartten\'s portable key holder/organizer eliminates the expanded pocket, can hold up to 14 keys, small and durable, suitable for most keys
\"Despite the lawsuit, the Kiartten key was still sold on Ibport until recently for £ 10 for $140. com. au.
In another legal dispute, from February, the adult printed diapers Co. , Ltd. sued another Mr. Faithfness LLC.
Park\'s company sells adult printed diapers with the logo \"too cute.
It is not clear where Faithfulness LLC has obtained adult printed diaper diapers, but the lawsuit claims the cooperation of Faithfulness LLC
Defendant in action, Rearz, Inc.
, Buy diapers stock directly from adult printed diapers suppliers in Shandong, China without authorization.
In the depths of my internet rabbit hole, I stumbled across another online store called the olives Mall, which came out online in May 2017.
Hosting Shopify, there\'s everything Olivesmall sells.
It also has a motto.
\"Peace of mind, better life \"-
Every market hascom.
Although olivesmall registrant.
Com is hidden, the trademark registered by Jonathan Olivesmall Park in December 2017.
In October, he was also olivesmalltoy.
Com and olivesmallhealth.
During the two days of November, he registered olivesfashion.
Office. com, olivespet.
Olivier foods
Com and olivesgames. com.
Almost all of these sites have recently started showing the same \"store unavailable\" information on their home page, but Olivesmall still has a familiar high
The price of a hodgepodge-
For example, a can of \"natural hip cream for men and women\" costs $23. 64 and $56.
For a bottle of \"vermuti Changgao pill will increase the height.
\"At this point, the connection between these mysterious retailers and people associated with the community has become severely lost.
The trademark of Olivesmall raises an objection, but by Yan
Yi Anderson of Anderson and partner company, a small company, has submitted many
Trademark of Park
It includes the beauty of faith, Essy, Vassoul, P & J Health and Spreaze. Ms.
Anderson is also the Bible Portal, Christian Today, Christian Daily, Christian Examiner, China East card, Music Times, Adprime Media
Published the same publication that Jonathan Park defended David Zhang.
The address of Anderson and Associates is 33 Whitehall Street, 9th Floor, New York City-
Same as the New York address for each market.
According to the old catalogue of international courses at Olivet University, Yen-
For the past three years, Mr. Yi has also been a faculty member.
Directory PDFs has recently been replaced by versions of excluded MS
Anderson\'s name, but even after that, she is still listed as executive director of the Veritas Law Society, which is shown on the world Olivet website under its \"Justice Department\" page. (Ms.
Anderson\'s husband, William Anderson, also took part in the community as a trustee at the University of Olivet.
He is also a former publisher and C. E. O.
Christian media company, umbrella-type entity of Bible Portal, Christian Today, Christian Daily, Christian Examiner and Christian Post. )
When it is not registered for straightener, pet sling and Christian media company,
Anderson\'s company also has corporate laws and immigration laws.
On 2016, Anderson and his colleagues registered H1-
B staff at IBPort Warehouse, New Jersey.
In a statement
Anderson said the law firm\'s policies prevented her from commenting directly on what was protected by counsel.
Client Permissions.
\"In many cases, my company has helped entrepreneurs with new product launches and venture capital,\" she said . \".
\"Due to my volunteer activities, my company is often referred to by people with the same Christian beliefs and values, as well as all types of referrals, forming a strong network of businesses and startups.
The New Jersey warehouse is not the only brick. and-
Mortar show in IBPort
According to its website, IBPort also works with well-
Trinity Square, a famous department store in Manhattan, New York, is one of the fastest growing department stores in recent years.
\"Trinity Square popped up in downtown Manhattan in 2012, the same year it was founded in IBPort.
That year, Racked wrote about how department stores popped up selling brands including Sylvia Lee, Dolly the trolley, rock royalty and Burkinabe Couture.
The tortured journalist wrote, \"you\'re not alone if these names don\'t make any sense to you.
But Trinity hotel is very real.
It\'s called Leez department store now.
During a recent visit to Leez, well-known brands were mixed up with disturbing items, such as a $59 hat with the words \"Oslo Iceland\" and a type called\"
\"Both projects seem to be made by JNG Korea. Ltd.
The drawers of Martin Jr and the products of Asavea are prominently displayed.
Along the wall, is a huge inventory of live Cutetok UV disinfectant produced by Kim for baby products, possibly on hold after the failure of the Korean supplier Indiegogo activity. (
Don\'t worry, however;
Cutetok disinfectant is still widely used on Alibaba. )
The second floor is haunted by a variety of wooden furniture, while the third floor is still dark, empty and forbidden;
Visitors were told that it is now the event rental space.
On the business card presented by Leez, Chris Liu was appointed chief operating officer.
Chris Liu\'s Linkedin profile lists a business development position in IBTimes, Australia.
When I looked at the origins of Trinity Square, I learned that the CEO at the opening was Marianne rebroo --the Olivet-
The affiliate developer of the former psychiatric hospital in New York is being renovated and has helped ensure free advertising in the county in which the hospital is located.
In all this, my lipstick is coming!
There is an invoice for $10 in the package.
75 from \"crispy beauty\", an unfortunate name is Amazon seller, definitely not Sendai bookstore, store on Amazon, I paid $25.
63 lipsticks.
When I go back to Amazon and generate a return label, the address is Valley fountain LLC.
I\'m not ready for a simple question about some of the mystery packages to turn into a dazzling Amazon Storefront Network, Web domain names, and a bad \"about us\" page.
But the more I look at it, the more they seem to be managed by a few people, and everyone operates with different capabilities based on current needs.
These sites are more surreal to the real world.
Comments on Leez\'s Yelp page from January 2018
Hidden by Yelp\'s algorithm for detecting false comments-
The store will sell furniture, which is a great excitement.
Chris L released.
He never wrote a Yelp review again, which wrote: \"My favorite is the high-end furniture they recently purchased in New York, \'hunter furniture, \'which has been produced in New York since 1926.
This is 100% handmade with solid wood. ”Chris L.
Also make sure to plug in for the third floor: \"The 3rd floor of the store is open for rent.
Spacious and bright rooms.
Suitable for various activities.
\"Yes, all kinds of wooden furniture on the second floor of Letz are made by Hunter country furniture.
At first glance, the hunter country furniture site seems to be true enough.
But if you really want to buy something, you have to click on the \"shop now\" tab, which is added to the site at some point after July 2017, depending on the snapshot shipped back to the machine.
That label will take you shopping.
Vibrant surrealist shop.
Com, which carries images of furniture covered with strange phrases such as \"find wooden furniture of your dreams\" and \"tradition, passed down from generation to generation \".
On March 2017, a resident living near the Hunter country furniture factory in New York (
Located in the same town of an abandoned mental hospital)
After hearing that the place was closed 90 years later, he wrote a sad Facebook post.
A photo of the front of the plant is also attached to the post, which is covered with an orange \"close\" sign.
When I contacted the person who asked not to be named, he told me that Hunter country furniture was indeed closed and that it had sold its name, the design and property of the members of the community.
As far as he can tell, the new factory owner only produces \"a fraction of the quantity \".
He also said that the price of furniture sold by Leez was \"astronomical\" compared to the past \".
The only logical explanation is that the person from Olivet took over the factory.
But what do the community want furniture shops to do?
Hunter country furniture is not the only business the community has taken over. One of Yen-
Yi Anderson\'s \"like\" on Facebook is a page of Stevens bookstore.
Its store logo states that it has \"served its readers\" since 1954 \".
\"Again, in a quick visit to its website, Stevens books.
Nothing seems to be wrong.
The bookstore seems to have been founded by a guy named Dick Steven in North Carolina.
But in the 2013 Yelp review of Raleigh, New YorkC.
One commenter wrote: \"The salesperson told me that the store was once Steven\'s and is now from a Christian university in California. WHAT?
\"It\'s hard for you to find any trace of the community on the Stevens library site, but a 2008 article published on The Olivet University website announced that the school bought it, the Stevens bookstore is called \"the largest Christian theological bookstore in the world \".
\"The company\'s original URL, Steven sbks, is shipped back to a snapshot on the machine.
Com, explain the turnover.
Until 2010, the site was relatively simple with a black background and a short \"about\" page.
But between June and July 2009
Com becomes more like an online store, and its \"About Us\" page starts redirecting to a separate site-Stevens books. com.
A year later, the URL was changed back to Steve Knicks.
But began to mark the Stevens book.
This is an extra mess as there is a third site in this mix: Stevens book. com. Stevensbook.
Com went through several designs with titles like \"Stevens bookbooks\" and \"StevesBooks\", but by 2011 its logo was similar to others.
Finally, Steve Nister.
Com starts redirecting to Stevens books. com.
The current website of Stevens books shows the location in Raleigh, NY. C. (
Original store)
Mirada, California.
San Francisco.
But according to Wayback Machine, the site also lists a previous address, located at 22 Cortlandt Street, 21th floor, Manhattan.
The same address as the yen of several media companies.
Yi Anderson helps trademark companies and Olivet Institute Inc. (
As an article in the paste pointed out, it is also the address listed on the old website of a company called Oikos Networks, which sells to Newsweek Media Group prompting Manhattan D. A.
Our investigation. )
When I visited the books of steinister
Recently, there have been a wide variety of books for sale, with heavy textbooks and business themes.
A copy of the basic principles of human resources management was reduced from $264. 25 to $30. 21;
\"Basic Marketing: marketing strategy planning approach\" fell from $197. 50 to $51. 60.
I decided to go to the store in San Francisco.
When it opened in 2016, a number of local blog posts identified the owner as Joseph voranski, and the YouTube video of June 2016 was called \"Stevens book\" with a monologue
Sit on the sofa in the shop.
Sounds like a strong Eastern European accent, and he says \"Stevens\" is the last name of a person who has worked in a bookstore for 60 years.
\"This gentleman is actually my friend,\" he said . \"
\"We have been working together for a few years, and this is to commemorate him.
There was a clip in the video and then: \"He\'s still alive, but it\'s like a tribute to him.
That\'s why it\'s called the Stevens book.
I\'m starting to wonder if \"Stevens\" is more of an idea than a real person.
On Facebook, there is a profile called \"Joseph Stevens\" who is listed as manager of Stevens books, but his profile photo is clearly identified as Joseph Wo in the video
Joseph Stevens (
Or is he Volansky? )
There are a lot of posts about the store, and his friends list and the \"like\" page hardly mention the community --
Related entities.
But there is another profile of someone named Jozef Volansky, a Facebook friend of Jonathan Parker whose \"likes\" include two separate pages of Stevens books, Stevens\'s books
Along with the Christian Post, the International Business Times and The Olivet Seminary.
When I walked into the store in San Francisco, the first thing I met was a shelf that looked very real
Live version of the online store I have been.
Interspersed in the selection of staff (
Walter Isaacson\'s Steve Jobs, Mehmet Oz and Michael Roizen\'s you stay young: Owner\'s Manual for extended warranty)
Some \"Happy Monkey\" finger puppet toys,
Snoring Device, silicone pad on the inside of the bra and vitamin A skin cream.
There are fidgety rotters, Piero Lorenzo wallets, dart boards and sticky toys for sale on the side of the window.
Of course, the store also has books, many of which are Christian books, collected from churches and schools.
However, the featured title is mainly commercial-related.
Joseph/Jozef Stevens and/or Volansky are there, moving things between the shelf and the storage area.
His employees, three young people, wander around, watch their phones, and view Twitter from the computer in the store.
When I should buy two books (
Memoirs of Benoit Mandelbrot and things called \"Save Halloween: celebrating without selling)
I approached one of them tentatively.
\"Do you want to see those books? Asked the guy. No, I said.
I want to buy it. “Oh!
He said, then he laughed.
\"That\'s right . . . . . . We are not libraries.
\"When I checked it later
Book items from the store with a familiar name. The anti-
Snoring equipment comes from P & J Health, the park trademark of Jonathan.
The Piero Lorenzo wallet has a trademark registered by Anderson & Associates for Kenosis International LLC, a business registered by an Olivier teacher at the address of the University of Olivier San Francisco.
Something that has nothing to do with community members to some extent seems to be imported directly from China, without further branding.
I found the \"Happy Monkey\" finger toy. box and all —
On the website of several wholesalers in Alibaba
Both the retina cream and the silicone foot pad are \"Reejoys\" brands, and I find that the trademark of Reejoys Co. , Ltd. belongs to Jozef Volansky itself. That Mr.
Volansky has branded and imported these products and sold them in his own store, which seems very simple compared to everything else I \'ve come across.
Nevertheless, the image used for Reejoys Facebook profile and cover photos is a placeholder image of the Shopify template.
If you like an article on a Facebook page, it\'s usually written by Joseph Stevens.
A few photos are very clear in the bookstore;
A photo of the vitamin cream, accompanied by atotally-
The convincing comment, seems to have been taken on the same red sofa in the \"Stevens book\" video.
In an email responding to a request for comment, Mr.
Volansky wrote: \"P & J Health
No snoring equipment and Piero Lorenzo wallet were sold in Stevens Books.
\"He said he was not the owner and that the stores and brands were owned by Stevens book group.
\"I call Stevens by my own name, because Stevens\'s book, Stevens is a nickname,\" he wrote . \". Amazingly, Mr.
Volansky has other hats to wear.
Until recently, he was a deputy pastor at the Gratia Community Church in San Francisco.
The deacon there is Mark Roy Lee, who is also a faculty member at the School of Business at Olivet University and the owner of Kenosis International LLC, who is responsible for the company of The Piero Lorenzo wallet that I saw at the bookstore.
The senior pastor of Gratia is Walker Tzeng, who is also listed as chief operating officer of the University of Olivet.
On David Zhang\'s personal website.
Tzeng and Mr appeared together in several groups of photos. Jang himself.
Trying to map the connection between all these entities opens up a huge worm hole.
I can\'t figure it out, a church might be behind a network of used business books, straightener and questionable-priced compressed stockings --
For sale on Amazon\'s storefront, the names are \"giggle eyes\", \"ShopperDooperEU\" and \"wet shops\"
All run once-
Respected press and publication in the United States.
When I search for consistency in different connections, one of the things I encountered on sites related to people in the community over and over again is the word \"dream.
\"Find the wooden furniture of Your Dreams \"(
Hunter country furniture.
Read your dream \"(Stevens Books).
\"Our company is growing every year, but our dreams have never changed \"(Everymarket).
\"The future belongs to people with dreams;
A company with a dream has achieved the same goal \"(Verecom).
In fact, at some point I began to feel like I was dreaming.
Or I\'m half.
Awake, unable to distinguish between virtual and real, local and global, products and Photoshop images, sincere and not sincere.
What is more difficult for me to understand is the full penetration of e-commerce.
Commercial and physical space.
Standing in Stevens\'s bookstore is like standing on stage in Stevens\'s, Stevens\'s and Stevens\'s --
All at the same time.
Not that the bookstore is not real, but that it feels the opposite --
Designed by an online business or a range of businesses.
As a person living in physical space, my perception is overwhelmed.
But to some extent, even if it is impossible to express, I know some kind of intersection of Newsweek Media Group Olivet University, Gratia Community Church, IBPort, and someone named Stevens is by my side, in a humble shop in San Francisco, I was with you.
Talking to Jonathan Parker and in touch with Olivier provided some sort of clarification. Mr.
\"I currently own and run several businesses that I started when I was in Olivet,\" Park said, but he added that he did not run many entities that he helped integrate, some entities have been stripped off and no longer have anything to do with him.
He said that he directed students, including interns and graduates from Olivette, and helped them build their business from time to time: \"My cooperation with Olivet is one of the best experiences of my life, because the university and its students have the spirit of starting a business and great desire.
It is indeed an honor to work with these smart and talented people.
He said that schools and students \"worked together and envisioned a incubation program similar to that of a leading research university;
Including Stanford and Cornell.
While Olivet and I have different business sizes than Stanford and Google, this collaboration is already common today and has proven to be very successful and rewarding for the economy as a whole.
Our results and numbers are not surprising, but I believe our results and numbers are impressive and proud.
\"Olivet is even more vague in a statement through its spokesperson, Ronn Torossian.
He wrote in full: Finally, I decided to return the lipstick.
The Amazon return form lists Valley fountain LLC, but this is not the address of my student\'s parents.
Thankfully, after they complained to the postal service, they no longer received the package.
This time, the address of the Valley fountain is 501 wide street. Ridgefield, N. J.
When I look up the address, each market is listed as the IBPort warehouse for the tenant.
If you look for it on Google\'s Street View, you can see a small sign that makes IBPort point to it in a corner with temptation.
As for Newsweek Media Group, it was sued.
First, the company is divided into Newsweek and IBT Media.
Then, on October, the Manhattan district attorney\'s office charged IBT Media and some co-
Conspirators of fraudulent lenders
A month later, the office announced that the University of Olivet would also be prosecuted. The charges —
Including falsification of records, conspiracy and contempt.
Around money laundering, prosecutors say money laundering is to finance Olivet\'s business and property acquisitions.
The alleged plan includes a fictional auditor (
Called \"Karen Smith\" and \"Lynn Chen \")
Who will complete their own fictional emails, phone numbers and websites;
Bank account Network of the company;
Oikos Networks, a computer server company listed at 22 Cortlandt Street, also happens to be the address registered by the Olivet Institute, Stevens Books and Christian Media Corporation.
The prosecution included a joint complaint against Etienne Uzac. owner of IBT (
Also one of the founders of the International Business Times);
William Anderson, trustee of Olivet and former Chief Executive Officer of Christian media (
Husband of yenYi Anderson);
There is also John Shaw, chief financial officer of Olivet and Dean of Olivet business school.
The general manager of Oikos was appointed \"colleague who has not been prosecuted\"conspirator. ”Mr.
Mr. Anderson and
Ac found them innocent.
Mr. lawyer.
Uzac says the charges are unfounded, his lawyer.
Anderson sees the allegations as absurd. Mr.
Olivet spokesman Torossian said: \"Olivet University denies the allegations announced by the district attorney\'s office and will strongly defend these unsupported allegations --
Including puzzling claims that lenders who have not suffered losses have somehow become victims.
Olivet strongly supports individual members of his team who have been falsely accused.
Olivet is a Christian institution dedicated to providing educational and spiritual opportunities for students around the world
Including in places hostile to Christian and Christian practices.
\"I want to know the fate of my high price L. A.
The girl from the New Jersey warehouse is Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick, who will receive it there.
I imagine a person sitting around a rejected dinosaur costume, propane fuel tank and ass --
Strengthen the cream.
Soon they will receive my lipstick with neither a return nor quite a few gifts, and at some point they buy it from a distant place called crispy beauty.
I wonder if they know where they are in this vast and dazzling network --
If they know that they are helping to realize the dream of each market: the dream of becoming a market, \"almost everything from all over the world is provided to everyone.
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