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after the low-cost airline, the poor man\'s private jet

by:TBCZ     2020-03-21
DUBAI (Reuters)-
Dubai Airshow this week harvested deals on the world\'s largest and most luxurious jets, but for those who can\'t afford to pay $400 --
There is always an alternative to the million A380 Super Big Mac-
Private plane for the poor.
Made its debut on the tarmac of the largest aerospace event in the Middle East, with its suppliers calling it the world\'s first \"re-entry\"
\"Make\" business aircraft, designed for VIP guests with limited budget. Ohio-
The small business aircraft based in Nextant Aerospace may be 10-
At the age of 20, they are about to retire, separate them and re-
Sell them with new avionics, engines and interiors.
\"We are working on the issue of the industry,\" said Sean mcgove, president of Nextant, ahead of a reconstructed Beechjet 400, who was demolished and for $5 million.
This is just a small portion of the super $25 million.
Wealthy customers can spend simply on the interior of some of the luxury refills jet aircraft presented this week.
\"About a year. and-a-
Half of the inventory backlog (of older jets)on the market.
In an interview with Reuters, mcgeoough said: \"Sales of new aircraft will not rebound until stocks start selling . \".
Five years later, the credit crisis seriously hurt the industry, and small business jet manufacturers are only now talking about the bud of recovery, far behind the rebound in global stocks and the US economy. S.
Real estate market.
The second one
Manual jets are suppressing demand for new lightsand medium-
Large aircraft in sharp contrast to top aircraft
According to experts, the final products on display in Dubai.
Marco Tulio Pellegrini, chief operating officer for business aviation at Embraer, a Brazilian business aircraft manufacturer, said: \"This is a market for customers and buyers are smart . \".
\"Many people are looking at the second-hand market and forcing manufacturers to increase discounts,\" he added . \". Re-
Manufacturing is the process of bringing an end. of-
Daily necessities have returned to their original state, with a growing share of the manufacturing industry.
Starting with a familiar tire refurbishment, this process can cover anything from the refrigerator to the cartridge, medical pump, gearbox, office furniture
Even a locomotive.
According to $2012S.
Trade Report, Aerospace is the biggest
Manufacturing is worth $13 billion a year.
But so far, this is mainly limited to aircraft components.
However, some analysts say that while big business jets benefit from new technologies
Manufacturing is only highlighting the industry\'s predicament in the low-end market.
\"This is a sign that the market is stagnant. . . (with)
Richard abrafiya, Virginia aerospace analyst, said: \"There is not much technology coming out.
Headquartered in Teal Group.
\"The idea is reasonable because much of the progress of business jets, especially low-end business jets, is in terms of propulsion and avionics.
\"Nextant has sold its re-36
Make a business plane.
After spending some time on the jet, they sold it for $4. 95 million.
Canada\'s Bombardier smallest aircraft starts at $8.
The Gulf Stream of $1 million and $15. 7 million.
Suppliers see low demand-
Even in oil, it costs business planes.
After budget cuts and shrinking net worth, the wealthy Middle East --
Worth personal.
\"Light and Middle
The largest part was most affected, and the larger cabin was well put to the test of the recession, \"said Scott Neil, senior vice president of sales at baystream.
Nine months after seeking bankruptcy court protection from high debt, Nextant\'s improved aircraft maker Beechcraft Corp. Subtracted the name \"hawker\" from Chapter 11 this year.
It stopped producing Japanese.
A few years ago, the aircraft frame was modified by Nextant.
But earlier this year, the manufacturer launched its own upgrade plan for the Hawker 400 aircraft, called 400XPR.
\"We have three stable quarters this year --
We are optimistic about the future and the Middle East, \"said Richard Emory, president of Europe, the Middle East and Africa and Asia --
The Pacific Ocean is in beach.
According to Bombardier, commercial jet manufacturers will deliver a total of 9,800 aircraft in the next 10 years, worth $269 billion.
But the Canadian company says the slowest recovery in the private jet industry is corporate customers.
\"The company still wants to fly privately, but more and more companies are considering leasing from operators,\" said Bob Horner, senior vice president of commercial aircraft sales at Bombardier . \".
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