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an mrap is not a blanket

by:TBCZ     2020-04-01
When police attacked peaceful protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, on August, Americans watched them in horror as if they were going to war.
In May, the chest of a toddler named Bou Phonesavanh was torn and his face was thrown into the crib\'s flash grenade by Georgia police in a paramilitary raid
Despite the shock of many Americans, the militarizing of police is nothing new.
The siege of the American community of color has been going on for a long time.
In a report released earlier this year, ACLU showed that the militarized part of the US police was driven by federal programs that delivered military equipment and funds to the local police department.
A project known as the 1033 program allows the Pentagon to send M-to the local police department for free-
16s and armored personnel carriers like MRAPs (
Lightning protection vehicles).
The Pentagon has delivered $5.
Since the project was created in 1 billion, $1990 worth of military equipment has been given to the US police.
Finally, it looks like the federal government may take some steps on the issue.
Yesterday, the Obama administration released a report summarizing reviews of federal programs that fuel the militarized police.
The report contains suggestions that may limit the ability of local police to treat American communities like war zones, such as requiring local police to review police requirements for Pentagon equipment, ensuring better training, and in
Reports of local police operations using military equipment.
The most important suggestion is to limit military categories.
The Pentagon can provide grade weapons to the national police department for free.
However, the report does not specify what military equipment should be banned.
At least MRAPs and flashhbang grenades are a good start.
These are positive developments, but the government must also ensure an in-depth and serious look at the dangers associated with militarized policing.
According to the report, 96% of the equipment donated by the Pentagon to local police is \"non-controlled\" (
Such as commercial vehicles, office furniture, blankets, forklifts, etc)
And only 4% of the 1033 devices are \"controlled (
Assault rifles, armored personnel carriers and aircraft, for example).
These statistics are misleading for two reasons.
First of all, 4% out of 1033 pieces of equipment is a considerable quantity: the National Police Department currently has 460,000 pieces of controlled military equipment.
Second, in order to achieve this calculation, the Obama administration counts every piece of equipment transferred under the plan as a project and gives each project the same weight, rather than considering the degree of Death (or costly)
The types of equipment are different.
For example, it gives a blanket the same weight as it gives an MRAP.
But these projects are not the same. -
MRAP is not a blanket.
We should also seek truth from facts in developing our ability to solve the problem of militarized policing.
The report correctly states that many police departments receiving military equipment from the Pentagon have not been properly trained to use them.
The fact is clear to Ferguson that police snipers, for example, target peaceful protesters with rifles, must be resolved.
But we have to ask ourselves if training is really at the root of the problem.
Police departments across the country continue to attack communities of color, sometimes without military equipment.
As long as the warrior\'s mentality permeates the police, as long as the black and brown bodies are seen as \"threats\", proper training in the use of military equipment will not help.
Finally, supervision is important, as highlighted in the report. -
But what is negligence?
Today, most of the federal government\'s oversight of these projects is in the form of inventory monitoring.
History shows that monitoring of 1033 devices should be improved-
A Pentagon spokesman testified last month that 421 military weapons, including M16s and M14s, were missing and that if local police sold military Hummers for their own benefit, he would \"not be surprised \".
But we also need to supervise the use of this equipment.
If the local police do not receive military weapons at all, the federal government is obliged to impose some reasonable restrictions on how they use them.
President Obama has given his administration 120 days to make an executive order containing specific reforms.
At the same time, the government should do what thousands of Americans have asked for and suspend the 1033 program.
We can no longer risk an invasion like Ferguson did, and we can no longer be hurt like Bo feinasavan did.
Militarized Policing is dangerous and American communities deserve better service.
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