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are herman miller office chairs worth the money?

by:TBCZ     2020-03-23
Herman Miller is a member of Michigan --
Based on the manufacturer\'s high
Quality office furniture.
They have been engaged in furniture design business since the 1960s and are considered one of the most influential furniture manufacturers in the world.
Their benchmark products are Aeron chairs, but they are not developing other heights-
Famous products such as Embody chair and Mirra chair.
For most people, the idea of spending more than $1,000 on office chairs seems ridiculous.
However, if you take the time to consider this investment, you may be surprised by the answers you get.
It all boils down to two things:
How much time do you spend sitting at your desk every day and how much you value your health and health --being.
The first question is very direct. forward.
In today\'s work, many people sit in front of the computer all day.
The same people may have been rationalized at a high
Quality bed because after all we spend about 1 out of 3 in bed and everyone enjoys good sleep and recognizes the value of health --
Rest and be vigilant
So why is it hard for us to spend money reasonably on a high
Ergonomic chair?
Most of us may spend as much time at work as we fall asleep (
The two may overlap sometimes! )
Of course, for any hit-
Age may have some negative effects on our health.
This leads to the second point.
How much you value your health and healthbeing?
Make sure you have an ergonomic sound environment at work, not only to prevent or minimize the chance of sitting too long and causing lower back pain.
There may be some physical conditions in today\'s office environment;
Pain in the neck and shoulders, pain in the wrist, fatigue in the eyes, and even circulation problems in the legs.
Again, don\'t forget that most of us are measured by work efficiency, and work efficiency is definitely affected when we are distracted by pain or discomfort.
So, given that some Herman Miller office chairs can guarantee 12 years, isn\'t your health and career worth investing at least $100 a year?
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