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Brand Story


Dane is the boss of my company. He was born in a poor family. Since childhood, he often went to the fields to farm and catch fish with his father after school. His father taught him a simple truth by every word and deed: hardship is fortune. He can get paid for his Labour.


Retired from the army, Dane began his working career in Guangdong. He has held a variety of jobs, from security guard, buyer, purchasing manager to factory director. In 2005, he decided to venture. He borrowed 600,000 yuan from his friends and 19,000 yuan from his hard work as the start-up capital. He rented a workshop in a remote place and purchased four sets of furniture accessories production equipment. His own bussiness began after recruiting four employees. In addition to production workers, he also served as a salesman, delivery man, and even a leaflet dispatcher.


After a year of hard work, his small workshop began to make a profit, and he paid off his friends' loan in the next year.In the following years, the workshop developed rapidly, and a plastic factory was set up in 2009. In two years, Dane increased a hardware workshop and established Jiangmen XinYiLong Furniture Co., Ltd, achieving the transformation of furniture accessories into furniture finished products.


In 2012, the father of two got in trouble. Dane found that his children did not have a suitable table and chair when learning. It negetively affected the children’s health and learning efficiency. He desired to produce a kind of adjustable study table and chair that can accompany the growing children.”TBCZ” healthy study tables and chairs came into being.


The meaning of “TBCZ” in Chinese is that growing up with the child. It’s not the most expensive thing to care for a child. However, when it comes to caring for child, be sure to see and give him/her what he/she really needs. The childrens are growing fast. Their study furniture needs to be different sizes in different ages. My “TBCZ” study tables and chairs can accompany your growing children. My company passed the ISO certification and we always put our clients first.


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