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In order to increase team cohesion and tacit understanding, my company would take part in some activities or trainings every six months. In September, all my management layer wen to a Wetland Park for camp. During those three days, we were trained by three instructors. They taught us to act like soldiers. However, we played team games and made funs many times. We were divided into two teams to compete with each other. The first day was relatively easy. We participated in some intellectual games which required our intelligence and tacit understanding, after the goose-step in the morning. In the Hanoi game, all members of the team must move the dishes in turn without discussion and giving any hints. Only one person was allowed to move the dishes at a time. My team lost two games which means we were lack of tacit understanding. After the Hanoi game, we had to write down my company name together. However, we can’t touch the writing brush directly. Can we write the words only by tighten the ropes on the brush in different directions. We tried many times to find our chemistry. On the second day, we entered the battle field to fight with the foam bow and arrow after the routine training. It was my first time playing bow and arrow. I only “killed” one person. On the last day, after warming up,we made use of a rock-climbing wall. Many of us never climbe before but all of us tried our best. Most of us climbed to the top successfully. My workmate Jay also succeed even though he has fear of heights. This camping was a great success. It enhance our teamwork,cohesion and competitiveness, and promote comprehensive and coordinated development with fun.

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