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Whitehouse architect Ludwig Smith van del Roch once said that it is easier to design a skyscraper than to design a good chair.
Today, especially in the office, the challenge of fine goods for people sitting seems even greater.
Every working day, more than 40 million of Americans premonition in front of desktop computers that more and more people are victims of painful, sometimes disabling stress --
Injured shoulder, arm, hand and back. Ergonomists --
Experts who study how to adapt machines to people ---
The reason for the debate, pointing out the ruthless keyboard, the poor location of the computer screen, the pressure of the deadline, and even bullying the boss.
\"But the role of the chair is crucial,\" said Marvin Danov, director of the Center for ergonomics studies at the University of Miami, Oxford, Ohio.
In order to find the perfect seat that can explain the high seat
Looking for the perfect office chair--
Pursue ergonomic ideals with an unlimited passion of $7. 6 billion-a-
Office furniture industry.
William dowwell, chair research project manager at Herman Miller, said: \"This is a hot area where people are investing a lot of research effort, time and money . \"
A leading manufacturer of office furniture
Advertising Chase for the right chair divides experts and industries into warring factions and schools of thought.
Some designers give up the old stuff and do it on their own
Line has set up a chair manufacturer to try to make money and advocate chair philosophy, such as whether a chair is \"adjustable\" or \"passive \".
\"Large chair manufacturers tend to choose chairs with fewer moving parts, in part, to simplify production. But hard-
Line-adjustable advocates led by ergonomics and some entrepreneurs see chairs as tools.
For them, the reliable logo for a truly ergonomic chair is a huge owner\'s manual with detailed operating guidelines.
New thinking must overcome the design tradition of pollution by grade system-
The corporate nobility gained the status symbol of luxury, while others were given the status of utility ---
Even gender discrimination
Usually, the design of the chair is considered male.
Moreover, the debate in the chair World is undoubtedly driven by the fact that the guiding discipline in the field of ergonomics is a hybrid discipline that combines industrial design, psychology, and orthopedic medicine.
Big companies that dominate this area-Steelcase Inc.
Hermann Miller from Haworth
Noel International and hung Ye--
There is an ergonomic team. With time-
These experts examined how time-lapse photography and electronic probes embedded in the prototype seat, back and arm make the chair healthier;
They keep trying new materials and new designs.
Researchers and salespeople insist there is no perfect office chair.
Often, they will quickly add that their company has two or three ergonomic products that buyers may consider, such as the standards of Ergon 2 and Steelcase of Herman Miller.
Prices generally range from $300 to $900 per chair.
Some experts say the most innovative chair is made from a smaller starting point
Up, notes RH chair and Ullman Chair from Sweden;
Grahl chairs from Germany and Ergomax chairs made by American ergonomics in sosarito, California
\"The Europeans and some of the most creative people here are a few miles ahead of the big American company,\" said Neil Taslitz, president of Chicago back care, a computer ergonomics consultant, its clients include AT&T and the Federal Reserve.
\"But with the spread of human engineering awareness and the reaction of big companies to market forces, things are rapidly improving.
\"Advertising to find the perfect office chair even prompted experts from big companies to do it themselves.
Barry and Harter are former designers of another big company, Barry Gulliver, who founded cocoons.
Elkhart in IndMr.
Gulliver has done some high-
The back chair with a computer keyboard platform swings up from the side of the chair.
The design allows the work to move like a worker, which is an ergonomic advancement, Sir
Gulliver insists.
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Like any aspiring entrepreneur, he has high hopes for his expensive chair, which will cost more than $1,500.
\"We are working on identifying the field of computer ergonomics in the market,\" he said . \".
\"No one has it yet.
\"The Computer as a lucrative field of computer ergonomics is generated by an unexpected surge in computers --
The disease associated with it is called repetitive stress injury.
Computers seem to prove to be a dangerous and tempting helper, as it takes only a little effort to write quick memos, order airline bookings, and perform hundreds of other tasks.
Sat for a few hours and kept repeating some hand movements-
Toxic combination-
Let thousands of workers feel pain in their shoulders, arms, wrists, hands and back.
In serious cases, the muscles and ligaments will be fully grasped, leaving the worker incapable of working, leaving the remains of anxious employees, litigation and compensation claims.
Chair manufacturers occupy the commercial heights.
Computer companies are the main ones prosecuted. -I. B. M.
Apple Computer, HP, digital
HP and Atex, a subsidiary of Eastman Kodak.
While office furniture manufacturers say they don\'t offer treatment, they think a good chair is a cost
Effective investment that can help prevent expensive costs and morale
Relieve Stress disease.
The re-observation of computer work may have amplified the problem, but the perfect chair has always been an elusive ideal.
In 1953, Frank Lloyd Wright admitted, \"My legs had been hit somewhere by a chair I designed all my life.
The most classic chair--
Cobussier, Bauhaus, Ames--
Today is considered an ergonomic atrocity.
The second idea abound about chairs that were once considered ideal.
Some people still swear to the Norwegian.
A Balans chair designed, also known as a kneeling chair-
The nanny\'s half-seated, half-kneeling, non-back stool probably forces the spine to maintain a healthy posture.
But recently, some ergonomists concluded that the Balans chair was not good for the knee and cut off the blood circulation.
Nevertheless, almost all experts agree on some issues.
The parents and teachers who ordered to \"sit upright\" were absolutely wrong.
An upright sitting position accumulates a lot of weight on the disk and muscles of the lower spine.
For example, one reason men tend to lean more on a chair than women is that the upper body of men is heavier, so they push back to reduce the weight of the lower spine.
Advertising action--
Tilt forward, backward or side--
Also relieve pressure on the back, shoulders, hands and wrists.
Ergonomic home called \"micro-sports\" by parents and teachers.
Semantics aside, this movement seems to be a healthy thing.
\"Static posture is the enemy . \"
Danov of the University of Miami
The National Institute of Standards and the American Association of human factors, a professional group of ergonomics, established the standards for seating and computer workstations in 1988.
It recommends back support for seat height, depth and width, various poses, etc.
A committee including Mr.
Dainoff is already in the process of revising and is expected to release the results in 1994.
Chair manufacturers and ergonomics agree that technology-
Debate about the ideal chair-
The old standards have been surpassed.
The current debate is an advocate of \"passive\" and \"adjustable.
Many ergonomics advocate regulation.
They said that in order to adapt the chair to the diversity of human body types and seat preferences, the nanny should be able to make various adjustments, from seat height and back tension to arm rest height and angle, foot support and seat tilt angle.
They insist that the chair is not something you just throw in.
\"The real struggle is philosophical, those who see chairs as furniture . \"
Human body Engineering home Wear\'s
But it\'s not furniture--it\'s a tool.
You must learn to use a tool.
\"An article on the working day of July 7 on different types of office chairs erroneously states the origin of the Grahl chair.
Although some research and design work was done by a German subsidiary, the chair was made by Grahl Industries, Michigan.
The company pointed out this mistake in a letter to The Times last week.
A version of this article was printed on page D00001 of the National edition on July 7, 1992, with the title: Company News;
Sit down and read this (
No, not in a chair! ).
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