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Jiangmen XinYiLong Organize the Employee to Donate Blood


Jiangmen XinYiLong Intelligence Technology is a children table and chair manufactory with  more then ten years experience. It's boss Mr Lee is an ex-serviceman. Even though he retired from the army, he learn and keep the fine trandition  from the army: credibility,responsibility, courage, and endurance.Running this factory, he do not forget to give back to the community. He is supporting several student from poor area to keep  their study. As his factory, XinYiLONG keeps  his features. Every year, Jiangmen XinYiLong organize the employee to donate blood.

The thing we do is just small, but it's big to other people. One blood can safe one person's  life. We are living in a community. we can not live without other people or accident. Social responsibilty shall be taken by each other. I can help you in this time. Maybe in the next time, I need your help.

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