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Learniture Chair with Tablet in China

Rachel is my customer as well as my friend. She used to buy the school chair and desk from my factory. One day, she said that her company needs some chairs and desks for the conference room. She needed to buy some special furniture to make the conference more lively to inspire people even in the boring meeting. After the meeting, they might takpe group photos so that the easyly movable furniture would be better. However, her budget was limited. Getting what her needed, my learniture chair XYL-1138 immediately came to mind. It’s a nesting chair with foldable  tablet and casters----convenient movemen and easy storage. Using this chair, they could save the cost from buying the desk. By the way, the chair features a pedestal frame that provides added stability and can load 150kg people. It can be used for a long time. Rachel and her boss liked it at the sight of the chair. With the help of the designer, they decided to make the chair with different color what could make the room more lively. After 20days, these chairs were produced and put in theiry conference room.

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