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leather furniture: care and cleaning

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Karel joyce littmanmarch 29, 1984 this is a digital version of an article from The Times Print Archive, before it begins online publishing in 1996.
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There was a time when leather furniture was reserved for board rooms and executive suites.
Today, it\'s not uncommon to sit in a soft leather chair, reclining on a suede sofa, or putting your feet on a leather ottoman.
Leather furniture can look good for a long time if properly cared
Including avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures.
But holes, cracks, stains and wear are still inevitable.
Because many different tanning methods, dyes and finishes are used on animal leather, and because the process varies from origin to company, there is a certain risk of repairing or cleaning leather furniture.
Repair and cleaning may improve the appearance of the parts, but although the professionals are very careful, cleaning solvents and polishing oils can lead to fading or stripes --
Suede lint in particular.
Here is a sample survey of leather repair and cleaning specialists: Fordham repair center, 10 East 33th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue, 4th Floor, 889-4553, 8:30 A. M. to 5 P. M.
Monday to Friday.
Although the center is specialized in the repair and cleaning of clothing and luggage, it will accept small furniture brought in.
Owner Lu Jacob said he would re-sell the leather on the sling chair for over $25.
He can also spray leather with protective coating for $50.
The price of changing the leather, rematching or adding a new panel to the leather director\'s chair can range from $45 to $85.
Work takes one to two weeks.
He\'s not wearing makeup-site calls.
63-Lecchi leather craft ads
20 AustinStreet, 63d Drive, Rego Park, New YorkY. 11374, 897-7000, 9:30 A. M. to4:30 P. M.
Monday to Friday
The factory specializes in leather accessories, but will also repair and re-process leather desktops on new and antique furniture.
The average price for the replacement is $250.
The work brought or discussed by telephone was estimated. No on-site visits.
It takes three weeks to work.
New life leather and vinyl services, 709 Merrick Road, Valley Creek, New York, United States of AmericaY. 11580, 212-352-7704, 201-365-2210 or 516-285-7878, 8A. M. to 4:30 P. M.
Monday to FridayThis full-
Service Leather Repair, cleaning and repair the company works for many leather furniture manufacturers in the area.
By mixing the liquid polyurethane compound into the leather and then re-coloring and polishing the area, cutting and scratches can be fixed so that the patch is almost invisible.
The cut was $125 and the scratch cost was $75.
The leather is also repaired by dyeing and patching the surface.
The cost of repairing a small chair starts at $175, and the cost of repairing Chesterfield sofas can be as high as $1,500.
Although Richard Daley, President of the company, found that the results were not normal, he will repair and repair suede lint furniture for $75 to $800.
The new life has also restored the leather interiors of new and antique cars.
Fees range from $50 to $7,000. On-
The website is estimated to cost $30.
The fee applies to the repair fee.
It takes one to four weeks to work.
Robert latitico Studios, 521 East 72 Street, York Avenue, 737-4451,8:30 A. M. to 4 P. M.
Monday to Friday, appointed only.
This studio specializes in the protection and restoration of leather and has done work for museums and auction houses.
Owner Robert Falotico will change color and dye leather for $8 per square foot plus $50Matching charges.
Replacing broken, faded or broken leather on the sofa can reach $3,000 or more.
Depending on the size of the plug-in, he will restore leather on the antique folding screen and repaint the artwork for over $1,000.
He will also change the leather table top and in 23-
More than $50 carat gold foil.
The studio will not repair or repair the wooden part of any furniture.
The estimated cost is $50, deducted from the labor cost.
The work on the desk takes one to two weeks, and the color matching work takes six to eight weeks.
A complete replacement can take two to three months, and a repair on the screen takes six to eight months.
Robert leather Studio Limited
Room 214, 403 West 29 Street, Seventh Avenue-736-3717, 8 A. M. to 5P. M.
Appointments are limited from Monday to Friday.
Carlos and Marie Echegaray and their two craftsmen will clean leather furniture with water and mild soap and chemicals and solvents, usually by hand.
This cleaning costs $150 for a large chair and $200 for a sofa.
The studio will recover, clean, patch, re-color and re-patch the leather desktop for $200 to $400, and restore the antique leather folding screen and repaint the decor, from $200 to $1,500.
Depending on the size of the leather furniture, it may take $200 to $400 to recover the color of the leather furniture through red.
It usually takes two to three weeks to work.
A version of this article appears on page C00003, country edition, March 29, 1984, with the title: leather furniture: Care and cleaning.
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