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office furniture: productivity -

by:TBCZ     2020-03-18
Office furniture is not just something to sit or see.
Ergonomics of workstations can improve or reduce the productivity of workers.
If a person is sitting on an ugly and uncomfortable table and chair trying to complete the task, they may feel overwhelmed and even end up feeling pain.
A well planned work space allows one to do a lot of work comfortably enough.
A charming environment that makes people feel comfortable, contains the right furniture, and follows some feng shui principles, will be the place to complete the task.
Here are some things to consider: ergonomics is related to human engineering.
It is considered to be an applied science related to biochemistry and human physiology.
This scientific research equipment, furniture and other work-related products and their designs.
The goal is to design comfortable products and support repetitive actions to keep workers healthier and more efficient.
The way the computer keyboard is placed, how high the chair is, whether there is a support armrest, the position and height of the computer screen have a great impact on the working conditions, comfort and productivity.
Feng Shui: Feng shui is a technique in ancient China in which the placement and type of office furniture contributes to harmony within the space.
The proper principles will create wealth, harmony and happiness, while the embarrassing placement is the opposite.
Some examples of tactics are sitting on the back to the corner or wall for support;
Balance yin and yang with light and shade, smooth and rough texture, soft and hard texture (such as fabric, metal or rock, etc.
Any hard edges or pillars can be plants.
In order for chi energy to flow freely, a pile of documents and documents should be organized.
There should be no mirrors in the office.
No, because they reflect the energy associated with negative customers or stress.
Types of furniture: some must
The functions of the workstation include tables, chairs, lights and storage space for files, paper, pens, printer ink, stamps, etc.
If the table can be used for both writing and taking the computer, make sure it has enough surface space to put everything in a accessible range.
It will be very comfortable if the chair has adjustable arms, back and height.
Comfortable cushions are always desirable.
If possible, the lighting of the space should include natural sunlight, plus ceiling lights and table lamps.
There is a curved, adjustable desk lamp that keeps the eyes at least tired.
A system in a separate filing cabinet or drawer will be everything you need for a paper filing task.
Office supplies such as pens, pencils, stamps, paper and post
It can organize notes with attractive baskets or color containers.
An attractive, ergonomic correct, feng shui-compliant work area with enough office furniture will make the work flow out of the room like a rolling river.
Adding some tasteful artwork or personal items, such as family photos, adds a layer of beauty and comfort.
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