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office hammock chair

by:TBCZ     2020-03-22
The office chair was overrated.
Sometimes, a little whimsy can add a lot of much-needed relaxation to your work space.
Whether you want to maximize efficiency or swing, this office hammock chair is the perfect backdrop for indoor summer office fun!
About 30 minutes is coming to an end. What are we waiting? ?
Let\'s start!
For this project, you need: rope (
I use the black woven poly 3/4, which is limited to 294. )
Canvas or other durable fabrics (
1 code width 2 code length)
Heavy pin.
I used a wall cabinet that can support 300. A ceiling beam.
A bit slightly larger than a rotating sewing machine or blade of a rope for cutting cableway tape (optional)
I got my closet hanger/pin from Home Depot and asked them to drop it from 60 inch to 40 inch.
Then I made the mark at 6 inch and then at 4 inch.
The rope will pass through here.
I did this for both sides of the pin.
Then, I used a drill bit of 11/16 size to drill all four marks over.
I used a canvas fabric with a lot of weight and I reduced it by 36 inch and by 72 inch (or 1 x 2 yards).
Then I jagged all the edges, folded the two longer edges and sewed them, leaving an edge where the rope would go through inside.
I sewed the edges twice to reinforce the seams and the seams need to support the weight of the person sitting in the hammock chair.
Although both ends of the rope were burned to prevent wear and tear, it turned out that it was still difficult to cross the rope, so I wrapped some tape at both ends, so that I can pass it through the pins and canvas without any effort.
The quickest and easiest way to do this is to have a friend hang on the beam for a few minutes.
Seriously, though, you should either ask the builders or do so at home and check the load-bearing limits of the beams.
The first step to getting the hammock to start working is to throw it on the beam, balance the ends of the rope, and then tie a knot a few inches under the beam.
Use one end of the rope at each end of the pin, first pass the rope through the small hole you drilled before.
Then make a knot where you want to sit.
It is helpful to have one more hand for this step.
Using one end of the rope, start to cross the side edge of the fabric.
Do the same with the other end of the rope to the other side.
Decide where you want your fabric to sit, and then take the rest of the rope through 2nd of the pin holes on their respective sides.
Tie the knot on the rope right above the pin, then leave a few inches of slack and cut off the rope.
Here are some close-up shots of how the fabric should sit on the swing.
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