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School Desk and Learniture Chair in Singapore

When Karnadi sent email to inquiry the quoation of the school chair and desk for a container, I was very surprised. We didn’t have any contact before. He got my cataloge in the Chinese International Furniture Fair and found what he want in it. He was purchasing furniture for his local college. At the begining, he planed to buy the whole set furniture. However, he found that the matched chairs can not be moved easyly. The chairs with castors would be better for him. Therefore, he chose the desk from my school furniture series and chose the chair from my learniture chair series. The chair have non-slip foot pad with castor at the side. It was very fit his point. Foot pads at the bottom can fix the chair and make it stable. At the same time, castor at the side makes it easy to move the chair. With the drawing of the classrooms, we calculated the quantity he needed to buy. Finally, he purchased four 40’HQ container in the first order. I was very grateful for his trust.

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