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school furniture: creating a positive atmosphere for learning

by:TBCZ     2020-03-26
When buying school furniture, it is easy to ignore classroom aesthetics and pragmatic attention.
However, it is because of the long school life and the heavy workload of students that an attractive and comfortable academic environment is so important.
Creating a positive learning atmosphere is one of the most important tasks for school administrators.
One of the most important factors to create this atmosphere is to choose the right school furniture.
Comfort, size, space, durability and budget are all factors to consider.
Whether you are decorating a new school or upgrading an old school, the classroom furniture you choose will have a decisive impact on the students\' learning feelings.
Basic research on school chairs shows that students under the age of 13
The 18-year-old sits down 78% of the time.
Even preschool children have been in the chair for quite some time.
Therefore, consideration needs to be given to choosing the most suitable chair for each classroom.
When talking about the chair of the school, there are often some technical vocabulary.
Therefore, some terms of school furniture will help to make things clear.
School chair seats are made from one of three materials: wood, soft plastic and hard plastic.
That\'s what Wood means. Wood.
Soft plastic is commonly known as polyethylene and polypropylene.
There is a lot of polyethylene;
Polypropylene, while practically non-flexable, does somewhat meet the requirements so that students can lean a little back on the chair.
Hard plastic is much harder than soft plastic without any bending.
The legs and brackets of the school chair are usually made up of one of three steel gauges: 18, 16 and 14.
Contrary to what one might assume, the lower the spec, the stronger the steel, so if you\'re looking for the strongest support around, you\'re looking for a chair with 14 spec steel.
Ideally, even with the back on the chair, the children should be able to place their feet firmly on the floor.
This position minimizes irritability and provides proper back support.
In fact, there will always be children whose feet sway as they sit in the back, or if they want their feet to land, they have to lean forward.
Use the following guidelines to ensure that as many children as possible in each grade have high chairs
Suitable for them.
Remember that when measuring a school chair, the height is always measured from the floor to the highest point on the chair seat.
School chair size guide for children 3 years old
50% of the chair should be 12 \", 50% lower than this.
75% of the chair should be 12 \", 25% lower than this. Kindergarten -
The 50% of the chair should be 12 \"and the 50% should be 14 \". 1st Grade -
All chairs should be 14 \". 2nd Grade -
50% of the chair should be 14 \"and 50% should be 16\" 3rd-
All chairs should be 16\"4th Grade -
The 75% of the chair should be 16 \"and the 25% should be 18 \". 5th-12th Grades -
All chairs should be 18\"
Like chairs, here are some school tables and table terms that you should be familiar.
The top of the school table or table is the most used part and the most easily damaged part.
There are two basic types of tables/desktops in the school. The first -
The cheapest
Known as laminated material, essentially a wood top with a machined surface that protects it from minor damage.
Everyday spots like pencil marks, fingerprints and White
It will come out easily;
However, the table is vulnerable to dents and pen scratches as well as damage to sharp objects.
The second is the hard plastic desktop.
That\'s how it sounds.
A table or table covered with hard plastic.
These are very difficult to destroy because they are very difficult and can withstand the abuse of students.
While they may be much more expensive in the short term, their durability can make them worth it in the long term.
The third type of desktop is Woodstone.
Woodstone is made exclusively from Hertz furniture and is made from hard plastic surfaces with wood and/or wood parts at the core.
It is almost as durable as ordinary hard plastic, but because of the low manufacturing cost, it is more or less the same price as laminated material.
Now that we have mastered the basics, we can really consider the school furniture that is best suited to our students.
Because different grades have different needs, we will group by age. Preschool -
The kindergarten chair sports skills of young children are still in the development stage in general;
That\'s why they are easier to travel and fall than older children.
So when your budding students slam down, make sure their chairs are intact.
Despite the need for durability, soft plastic is more popular than hard plastic in this era.
The child\'s body has not yet fully developed (
That\'s why they are so soft and lovely! );
As a result, they were uncomfortable sitting in very hard chairs.
So, look for chairs made of top
Good quality soft plastic.
Some of the school\'s chairs have plastic backrests and seats, but metal frames and legs to increase strength and support.
These are very good for durability, but smaller children may put their fingers into the space between metal and plastic to get them squeezed or even stuck.
If this is a concern for you, look for soft plastic chairs made of a solid structure as there is no room for curious little fingers.
They are much cheaper.
If you\'re looking for the strength of the metal
Plastic combo but want a safe-
You might want to try a school chair made of a mix of soft plastic and hard plastic.
These chairs are made up of one --
Plastic soft shell (parts)
Back and seat)
This is an ultrasonic welding to a hard plastic base.
They are a little more expensive than standard soft plastic preschool chairs, but much cheaper than metalplastic combo. In most P-
K classroom, the same general area is used for different activities such as cycle time, arts and crafts, eating and even sleeping.
This makes it necessary to have chairs that can be moved and stored easily.
So look for chairs that are easy to stack and have plenty of them.
Make sure they can also be pushed or pulled without much effort.
This is for 5-
Children, 6, will be expected to clean up the chairs when they are \"on duty.
Table from preschool to kindergarten, you want to find from 19-
23 inch tall.
There are tables with adjustable legs so you can lift them as you need them.
Generally, children between the ages of four and eight sit on a table.
If you are looking at a rectangular table, calculate about 20 inch per child.
For round tables, 8 to 10 children can surround a table with a diameter of 48 inch.
Although preschool-
K children are not necessarily harsh on their school furniture
Even their scissors have rounded edges.
They may be in a mess.
Glue, crayons, marker pens, glitter and paint will all \"decorate\" your table greatly.
So while you may not need tables with hard plastic countertops, be sure to buy those with high quality laminate for cleaningup as hassle-
Free as much as possible.
The shape of your school table depends largely on the structure of your classroom.
While many schools use standard round or rectangular tables, there are other schools that prefer kidneys --
The shape of the table allows all children to have an equal view of the teacher.
If it is important for you to be able to push the table together, then consider the ladder table.
Some companies like Hertz Furniture have special tables, like cloves or flowers.
Shape, on a customized basis.
Starting in the first grade, young students should sit in a chair and concentrate for a longer period of time.
Therefore, ensuring maximum comfort and minimum irritability is the top priority.
Most of the standard primary school chairs are made of soft plastic.
Comfortable and cheap.
However, they are not as durable as hard-like products, and they are not resistant to dirt and scratches.
If you operate under budget constraints
Or it\'s important for you that students can lean backwards --
Then here are some features to add durability to your soft plastic chair: * back support-
These are steel brackets that extend all the way from the back so that the chair can withstand the pressure that the student is leaning against the chair.
* Under seat bracket-
Check if there is a support bracket under the seat of the school chair you purchased.
* Steel 16-
Ideally, the steel bracket should be made of steel at least number 16.
It would be better if you could find steel No. 14. * Long-term warranty -
This is crucial.
Make sure manufacturers are willing to support their products.
Some companies, such as academia, actually offer a limited lifetime warranty on their soft plastic school chairs, which means that the warranty will last until the entire life cycle of the original purchaser.
The wood chair is very durable and brings a beautiful, classic look to the classroom furniture.
However, they are much more expensive than soft or hard plastic, which is one of the main reasons why you don\'t see them very often.
The school chair has different leg options.
Depending on the type of floor in your school, choose the type of leg that best suits your needs.
A standard school chair with four legs is the best choice for hard floor schools.
The chair rests on four legs, which are usually made of tubular steel and are stamped with a sliding device to maintain the level of the chair and prevent scratches on the hard surface floor.
On a hard floor, nylon or plastic glides are softer and prevent students from making distracting noises as they move around. Sled-
The chair is also made of tubular steel;
However, the chair is not divided into four legs, but is supported on either side by a base similar to the sled.
This type of school chair is not easy to move on a hard floor, but it can slide gently and easily on a carpeted surface.
The third option is a school chair with casters. These are four-
Leg chairs with small wheels so that students can turn around easily, are highly recommended for classrooms such as computer labs or art classrooms.
However, they may be dangerous for lower-grade students, usually reserved for teachers or students in secondary schools and above.
The primary school table prompts that once the child enters the first grade, they will no longer sit at four, six or eight tables;
Instead, they either sit in pairs or on separate tables.
They use their tables more and more to write, they use their tables more and more for activities such as arts and crafts, and they have more materials to follow as their studies become specialized.
The older the student is, the higher the frequency of writing with a pen (
Relative to the pencil)
They need sharp-
School supplies for sharp scissors and edges such as compasses.
So you should look for 1 when planning elementary school furniture)
Accommodate two students comfortably; 2)
Provide storage solutions for school materials and supplies; and, 3)
Will withstand strong daily wear and tear.
The highly adjustable activity table is great for younger grades.
They have enough space for young students to put all the material on the table without infringing on their table space.
While these are also effective for senior students, at this stage, many schools prefer the school desks.
If you are interested in tables in grade 5 and above, but still want your students to be able to work comfortably in pairs, then look for double tables like those made in academia.
In terms of school supplies, a chair with an additional book basket can be considered, or a table with an open book box.
It is important for teachers to see what is under the student table, both to promote cleanliness and order, and to prevent undesirable objects (or pets! )
From creating disciplinary issues.
Be sure to find school tables with hard plastic countertops or at least very high quality laminate. Best-
Quality desk and desktop will save you money and time
Consumption maintenance.
If your school is lucky enough to provide wheelchair service
Bind students, make sure at least some of your tables are wheelchair accessible.
Some schools only buy wheelchair accessible tables, so that all students have the same school furniture regardless of physical ability.
Some tips on the 7 th
In general, chairs and tables in grade 12, and almost everything that applies to primary school furniture applies to junior and high schools.
However, there are some exceptions and additions.
First of all, height is no longer a problem at this point.
All your students need 18.
19-inch school chair. Secondly, 7th-
Students in grade 12 may be hard on their school furniture.
In addition to frequent wear and tear, they also have a tendency to write (
Engraved occasionally)
Message on their chair
So hard plastic chairs are highly recommended.
So is the desktop.
If budget restrictions do not allow this, please make sure that the table you purchased has very high quality laminate materials such as educational edge tables or wooden Stone tops.
Third, unlike primary schools, most schools offer personal desks in grade 7 and above.
They vary in shape and size, depending largely on whether your school is suitable for independent learning, collaborative learning, or both.
The double table mentioned earlier makes it easy for students to organize into Partners.
Students can sit alone on a ladder-shaped table, but can be easily connected together to form a half
Round, hexagonal or octagonal for group learning.
The separate tables you see in most classrooms facilitate autonomous learning.
The surface of some people has expanded to accommodate large textbooks, laptops, and provide extra work space for learning partners.
Finally, students on the 7 th
Each class in grade 12 has more school materials, as well as school supplies.
This means having school furniture that provides storage solutions for all of their stuff is critical.
Some schools prefer chairs with bookshelves or baskets, as this gives students a convenient place to store their stuff, but also eliminates their tendency to play around safely under their seats.
Other schools preferthe-
Desk storage allows students to easily use whatever they may need.
Wire bookshelves are perfect for students who store pencil cases, books and notebooks as they provide the best visibility for students and teachers.
However, individual pens and pencils will fall off the Internet.
If this is your concern, consider opening the front book box.
This allows students to have simple access to their school materials, but can eliminate the problem of small objects falling off.
Once very popular elevator top book box has the largest space for school supplies of all sizes.
The problem is that in order to clear anything, the student must first clear everything else on the table.
In addition to this inconvenience, there are some cases where the lid falls on the student\'s finger, and the school finds itself the object of the parent\'s lawsuit.
So if you had a wheelchair, you wouldn\'t have seen it again.
Bound students must take them into account when purchasing school tables.
A few wheelchairs-
Barrier-free desks in a variety of styles, many of which are suitable for non-
There are also wheelchairs.
Choice of economy
Whether it\'s money or spaceis a chair-
Desk combination unit.
Mainly for high school (
And University)
, These chairs have soft and hard plastic chairs to choose from, and the desk usually has a top to choose from in terms of color and material.
Some tables are folded;
Other people have so-called tablets.
Arm, which means students also have something to rely on.
Many people have an optional book basket that can be placed under the seat or attached to the side for easy access to school materials.
Due to the academic responsibility that junior and high school students should bear, when planning school furniture for these grades, it is easy to ignore classroom aesthetics and pay attention to pragmatic.
Don\'t make that unfortunate mistake.
It is because of their heavy workload that an attractive academic environment is so important.
The school furniture is available in a variety of colors, including desks, especially chairs.
Navy blue and burgundy are the most popular at the moment, but you can find chairs in unique colors such as turquoise, cranberry and blue-green, as well as all of the original colors.
For classrooms where color matching is both elegant and consistent, the edge of Education provides a complete set of furniture with full color coordination.
If you are looking for school furniture that is both powerful and uniquely designed, try the inspiration line for Hertz furniture manufacturing.
Now that you already have basic furniture, the sky is the limit for other types of school items, except for tables and chairs: school lockers, cafeteria tables, catalogue boards, display stands, whiteboards, maps, globes, fixtures, bookcases, library tables, special teacher furniture-
The list is still going on and can be overwhelming.
Remember the needs of your students and try to remember --
Will these programs make my school year more enjoyable and productive when I am a student?
When you think so, you are on the right track to achieve the ultimate goal of school furniture.
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