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the importance of a good office chair

by:TBCZ     2020-03-20
Most of us have more than 50% of the time a day to sit in the office chair and work.
Most of the work, of course, requires us to sit and work in one place.
Imagine that most of us work an average of 8 hours a day and 5 days a week.
There are 48 weeks each year.
In 8 hours of work, even if we sit 5 hours a day, we spend 1200 hours sitting in a chair.
This is equivalent to 50 days and 50 nights together.
So, don\'t you think employers have to value office chairs?
The desk is more valuable than the chair.
While both pieces of furniture are non-animated items, the desk can help you to be organized away from the floor and keep your computer, photos, paper work, etc.
In any organization, when the budget is allocated to furniture, the desk takes up most of the budget.
Therefore, the chair of the office is determined only by the remaining funds.
Based on the math calculated above, now you know why it is important to check the chair you are using.
Starting at £ 30, there are office chairs.
Although most of them have a solid construction and a manufacturer warranty of up to 5 years, they still don\'t have ergonomic sound for long term use.
It can be clearly concluded that employers who value the health of their employees will certainly choose a better seating arrangement, that is, a good office chair.
This is definitely not a myth.
This can be proved by research done in the United States. K.
More than 16 were found there.
5 million people suffered back pain due to poor office chairs and furniture.
The latest study as of 2005 states that pain has now exceeded stress.
The main reason for the lack of work is stress.
According to HSE, as many as 5 million people living in the UK are under great pressure to work.
While stress can occur for many reasons, one cannot deny that uncomfortable poses are a certain cause of stress in the workplace.
Therefore, it cannot be concluded that with a good office chair, employees can overcome the pressure and meet the challenges.
However, the person sitting in a comfortable chair will certainly stay away from the trouble mentioned above and will also be motivated at work.
In the current market, office chair suppliers have good orthopedic seats based on physical comfort.
However, these orthopedic chairs are not very successful in price-driven markets due to offers and tenders.
For these reasons, no one is willing to analyze the impact or consequences of improper seating arrangements.
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