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the secret of how to spend wisely

by:TBCZ     2020-03-23
You have scribbled your money for the deposit of the house, paid your estate in the investigator\'s report, endured the fear of contract delays, and pushed your relationship to the brink.
But in the end, you have a home.
There is only one problem.
You have less than two cents left.
Happily, there are some clever ways to expand your budget further.
There are some things worth paying a premium;
You may have more furniture than a regular car.
The key is to know where to spend and where to save.
Architect corm Doyle
The winning DMVF company knows everything about the decoration on the budget.
Three years ago, he and his partner bought two abandoned Georgian houses on Camden Street in Dublin, and put money into the black hole that will always appear when repairing the property.
When moving in, the couple had little left to spend on the decor.
He said: \"This recovery has exhausted our budget . \"
\"We are sitting on a sofa, in the glory of Georgia.
We are faced with all these difficulties on the budget issue.
\"Fortunately, he spent several years helping clients design their own houses and knew what to do.
\"Start with the basic elements,\" he said . \".
\"Most people only need a sofa, a table, four chairs and a bed.
You will live well if you have these key parts and you will be comfortable.
Then you can take your time.
It\'s not just a matter of money, it\'s also helpful from a cash flow perspective.
Arlene McIntyre of Ventura designstop-
Store interior design services that also produce their own products, responsible for many more upscale new homesscheme fit-outs. \"The go-
\"Making a list of your first time moving into a new house is definitely investing in a good sofa,\" Arlene said . \" She opens her third showroom next week in Kinsale, a studio.
Definitely a good bed.
A nice table and chair.
They are three of the most time spent in your life and are completely necessary.
\"In fact, if pushed down, she would narrow the list down to the couch and bed.
\"If you have to have dinner on your knees before you can afford a beautiful table, eat it.
She suggested: \"Once you have the essentials sorted out, put the rest in the bathroom and some clever storage rooms. Well-
The doctor of medicine at Kingston Laferty design, the famous interior architect Rosing Laferty, is a little different.
\"Consider it from an impact rather than a cost perspective,\" she said . \".
\"Plan your key area if your budget is limited, as it will not extend all the way to the entire house.
\"The key areas are usually the kitchen and the living room --
Where are you most of the time?
\"Do what you do well and make plans for other areas where funding allows --
\"Rather than dilute your design so much, you risk losing your impact,\" she continued . \".
\"The more you break down the needs of each room, the clearer your budget will be.
\"Look at what this space is.
For example, if you have a young family, it doesn\'t make sense to spend thousands of pounds on the couch, so choose something cheaper now and trade again.
\"While the investment base is important, it is also important to immerse yourself in the things you like that will bring you happiness.
For Roisin, this means artwork
This can change a space, especially if you want a large print size.
\"One of my design secrets is Shutterstock. com.
It\'s really high.
Images of almost everything they can make perfect artwork.
Add the framework you find in the marketplace or in a chaotic sale, and you have a great way to increase your personality.
\"The good news is that you don\'t need to spend a lot of money to get the most impact,\" says Roisin.
\"If the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the table is the soul of it.
The consensus is to splurge here.
Arlene McIntyre said: \"If you have a very small apartment, we would recommend a table with very nice, scalable ends, very flexible and diverse
Function, check all these boxes, and wear-resistant, good quality.
She said: \"However, if you are in a house, I would recommend a good, strong table.
If you can\'t afford a nice padded dining chair, invest in it. cost fabric.
Two or three years later,
Decorate them with better ones.
\"Rossing lafti has adopted a different strategy.
Debugging your own design for a table might look expensive, she says, but it could actually be cost-
Buy a valid-
This means that the results are in full compliance with your specifications.
\"Simplicity is the key to design.
If you\'re looking for a butcher
Block, more rustic table style, then it tends to be a little more tolerant.
If you\'re looking for a delicate one
This requires more skills that you will learn in more detail.
Zelouf Bell is amazing . \"
Who created a duo based group-
But they are very high-end.
\"In addition to wood, you can also shave off the money on the price tag for your table.
\"You can go and buy marble countertops,\" Roisin suggested . \". \"CA Design [Dublin]
Make a replica in the style of the very popular Saarinen table.
Or you can buy a piece of marble from a stone merchant and make table legs --
It will be something completely original.
If you are going to use a wood kitchen, you don\'t want a wood table either.
It may look too rustic.
\"The fourth option is to visit antique shops, auction houses or antique shops, such as the Liberty Cross Gallery, or the retro center of north Dublin County, to buy Victorian fine works, Georgia or Central
Usually relatively cheap century furniture.
\"The craft is no longer too popular, so it\'s great to see it --
It works with really modern tables and other items. They stand out.
\"The UK real estate website zoompla recently conducted a survey. co.
Britain has revealed that we may have three times more time to choose a sofa than our new parents --
General House-
Hunter decided to buy a new sofa in 27 minutes instead of 88 minutes.
Obviously, this is a big one.
Buying tickets is also a good starting point for choosing other supplements and decorations.
Because your sofa is something you will undoubtedly use --
In the years to come
It\'s not enough to spend a little more on quality and perfect size. brainer.
Now is not the time to cut spending.
Lolin Stevens of Lome suggested: \"measure the space you have before you start looking for it (lomi. ie).
\"Let the Couch have a depth of 100 cm and then see what width you can accommodate.
The couch takes up a surprising amount of space, so it will focus your attention on what is useful to you, \"she said.
There are so many styles, finishes, shapes and colors to choose from that it\'s so hard to know where to start the search, which makes it easier to sacrifice the functionality to look for the look.
\"Although the appearance of the sofa is very important --
Especially if you want a traditional or contemporary theme
\"Your focus should be on comfort,\" said Paul Byrne of Jaybee Sofaworks custom sofas (Jaybeesofaworks. com).
\"Posture and seat position should be the issue you are most concerned about.
The height and depth of the seat as well as the density and composition of the mat are what the showroom should check.
It\'s so important to buy a sofa that you don\'t need to try it first.
\"Buying from photos is a sure way to waste money,\" he says, thinking about longevity once you realize the level of comfort and material you want.
\"The most important feature of a high quality sofa is the structure of the frame,\" Paul said . \".
\"Sit around in the showroom.
\"If it feels light, its frame and filler may be of poor quality,\" he said . \".
\"The rough rule of thumb is that heavy means good quality fillings and light means cheaper, so it\'s unlikely it will last.
Loolin agreed and added: \"The quality of the building is very important when buying the sofa.
If you want your couch to last long, you have to buy the best you can afford.
Looking for high solid wood frame-
High quality spring or strap with high elasticity
Quality fillings.
\"If you are going to buy an expensive sofa and have young children, choose a durable commercial sofa --grade fabric.
Or choose a model from Ikea or DFS, both of which provide a good guarantee.
If that\'s the case, Roisin says, have a little more fun with the chair and mix different armchairs so it\'s not a suite --
It seems to be out of date soon.
If you are tired of it, you have at least more flexibility to move the furniture.
It\'s not the bed you should splurge on, it\'s the mattress.
Arlene suggested that it cost more than 600 euros, and her company has been working with Respa, an Irish supplier.
However, do not buy without testing the mattress.
\"It\'s like art,\" she says. \"It\'s impossible for you to decide or imagine what others will like in millions of years.
Roisin agreed, \"The mattress is an expense on 100 pcs.
Buy a good mattress.
If you have a very good mattress, you can escape from cheaper bed racks such as Ikea\'s Stockholm series.
\"As for the rest of the bedroom, you don\'t have to spend a lot of money to make the bedroom look good,\" says Roisin.
The atmosphere and environment are created here, so the color and texture are good.
\"H & M and Sostrene Grene are great for lovely household items.
Add some nice prints to keep it beautiful and soft.
Curtains can be a very expensive item, so if you don\'t want to splurge, choose the ready-made curtains from Ikea, Zara Home or the Home next door.
We\'re crazy about our kitchen.
Cabinets, islands and the latest must-have pantry.
As a result, the kitchen tends to take on a large portion of the budget.
Architect corm Doyle warned against spending the Earth in a luxurious kitchen.
\"Function is the most important thing.
You don\'t need to spend a lot of money on the actual accessories, but it takes time on the layout.
Whether it\'s 5,000 euros or 50,000 euros, you\'ll love what\'s in the kitchen.
If this feature is correct, it will give you a lot in return.
Arlene McIntyre agrees, \"you can cut kitchen expenses in countless ways, but that\'s where you need good advice before shopping around.
Because you can really learn a lot.
Don\'t buy on impulse in sales
Take the time to decide what you want and go shopping.
\"Don\'t ignore cutting --
Stylish prices for Ikea or other high-end suppliers
Street store, Roisin Kyle.
\"If you are buying a painted kitchen unit and looking for a car case, you can definitely use Ikea.
Have such a good range.
However, she said, customizing cheaper units with Zara Home\'s handles, adding some interesting tiles to the splash-proof board, and perhaps marble countertops: \"Suddenly, it looks like a designer kitchen, it took only a fraction of the cost.
She also believes that a good table top is worth the money: \"Choose a material like Silestone, this is a man --
Made, but has a lot of natural properties, long duration, heat resistance, stain resistance.
Marble also has many features.
It may get dirty, but I like it because it will evolve and change over the time you have it.
Melamine may peel off over time, so it could be a fake economy.
Corm said: \"If the budget is not up to stone or Sears pass, please purchase the Formica and replace it when possible.
Hot trend splash prevention
Wall space area from countertop to wall unit-
It is a large piece of very expensive Carrara marble.
\"There\'s a cheap way to use Kalala, just put it behind the stove and use a plain white countertop,\" says corm.
Higher cost-
Effective because what you see is a vertical slate.
In fact, the splash is the best place to go crazy about colors or expensive finishes, says corm: \"Make the most of the space as it may only take up space, say, 2-
Material of 3sqm.
Cheap tiles are 20 € and expensive tiles are 100 €, overall you will only save the difference of about 150 €.
\"Don\'t worry about your budget in this regard: a little creative --or have fun.
\"20 years ago, a family usually shared a bathroom and there might be a guest toilet downstairs.
Nowadays, the number of bathrooms and bedrooms in some houses is equal.
\"So now a lot of people like to invest more on the WC used by the host suite or guests,\" Roisin said . \".
If you want to sweat on sanitary ware, then the Drummond mountains in Navin\'s multi-purpose bathroom reserve are your destination, she said.
\"They are very skilled, and they are almost a piece of art in themselves.
\"For more modern accessories, she recommends the German Alape series, made of steel rather than ceramics.
\"They are not only very durable, but also very clear and clear, which is unmatched by ceramic pots, but also very expensive.
\"The maximum range of faucets and shower heads must be Dornbracht, Germany, which owns 18-
Carat copper tap (
Left below)
In its products.
For fun, the Scandinavian company try Vola has 20 modern accessories in different colors, from pink to light green
The first Vola tap was designed by Arne Jacobsen.
Otherwise, pay attention to the black, rose gold, nickel and the latest hot color-antique gold.
Spent on hygiene items and accessories, you may want to make some money on the tiles.
Arlene, for example, suggested choosing tiles instead of stones.
\"All you need to do is lay tiles in the shower area and on the floor to reduce expenses.
Brush all the other walls.
This is a common mistake. the ceiling.
All you need to do is lay the tiles in a damp place.
Corm suggested: \"Use cheap tiles in a smart way.
Buy a common type of tile that is used to make patterns such as herringbone, brick, or grid.
This means that with cheap subway tiles, you can get designer effects on the walls of the bathroom.
Try the color for the extra oomph.
One of the things that people regret most, Roisin says, is that when the rollover is carried out, no more natural light is added to their house: it\'s worth the flowers.
However, if it is too late to glaze the wall from the floor to the ceiling, use the mirror to reflect the light.
Roisin said: \"In terms of cost, they are a stingy commodity, but in terms of quantity, it is a splurge.
Then think about your lights.
Arlene notes: \"You don\'t need to have a spotlight lighting around the whole house and no one wants to live in the Aviva Stadium.
In the kitchen and bathroom, just have the task lighting where needed.
\"Many high these days.
Street shops are competing with designer brands to provide high
The price of End is much cheaper, so study it online before buying it.
At the top of the market, Rossing recommends Bert Frank and Areti ·[both London]
She described it as \"like a piece of jewelry \".
At the low end of the price range, she chose the design from manufacturing. com.
If you have a young family, don\'t spend a lot of money on the carpet.
Instead, buy cheap carpets and change them if they get dirty.
It will also update your look and feel.
Look at stores like make.
And the Rockets George. co.
UK, cost-
Good quality too.
\"Not enough storage is always the biggest complaint,\" Roisin said . \".
\"Storage takes up the budget, but it will last for a long time.
\"The question is whether to choose an expensive building
Or use a separate wardrobe to reduce costs.
During his time, corm chose the latter, but invested a lot of time in designing Ikea modules to fit the room
Almost: \"The room is a bit shy but looks like a fitted wardrobe. . .
For Arlene, the choice always depends on the interior style.
\"If it\'s a classic look, then choose the classic independent wardrobe, which can be colored in another color to make a feature.
If it\'s a modern style house, you might want a very seamless look as if it had just melted on the wall and become streamlined.
This is where good design advice really starts.
\"Do you choose a free --
Stand or build-
In, you can save the storage space of the bedroom by purchasing the car housing and specially opening the door
As you might do for the kitchen, or pay more to commission custom doors that are painted to suit your room.
Finally, Roisin admits he hates pets: the gap between the top of the independent wardrobe and the ceiling.
\"This is usually a 150mm gap.
Let a carpenter in and put a partition so it looks like it should be there.
\"Otherwise, it\'s a person who collects dust and looks uncomfortable --considered.
Build it on the ceiling so it looks purposefulbuilt.
Corm said: \"When it comes to the wardrobe in the children\'s room, always choose free --standing.
\"The children\'s needs will change: they want a big game when they are young --
The space in the middle of their room;
When they were in their teens, they needed a desk and they needed more wardrobe space as they got older.
It\'s a good idea to have flexibility around their furniture, so it\'s cheaper. Use Ikea -
It\'s great, fun, cheap and well worn, paying extra if you\'re worried about assembly.
It\'s still cheap.
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