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to be at home in the street, use the furniture

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Rita Ralph.
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On sunny days, benches, ledgers and flower pots offering city streets are packed with sages, gossips, readers and sleepers, elderly people with vacant eyes, glued to the harsh Radio
With the emergence of people\'s lifestyle around noon on these fall working days, life on miles of public and private-owned property has accelerated, erasing the anonymity of squares, parks and sidewalks.
For example, in Times Square, a cement bucket labeled as a waste basket is used as a shelf or converted to chess on it with a board.
The ledge around the pool in Exxon tower is packed with wall racks, recliner chairs, loved ones, occupiers and observers.
Phone booth-
The only closet on the street
Fill and empty, fill and empty.
Those two-pronged pipes near the office building (
Often called fireplugins by mistake;
They are connected to the indoor sprinkler system)
Pairs of socks for tired people.
Advertising all these street furniture, a variety of props accumulated by city fathers and builders over the past few decades, is now under attack by landscape architects, industrial designers and urbanists.
They looked into scenes where there was a bit of functionality but visual confusion here and elsewhere, and they announced it was shocking.
A book outlining alternatives will be published in January.
Moreover, after partial installation in Minneapolis and Fresno, California, the entire street furniture coordination system was first prepared for mass production.
At the same time, the existing street furniture in New York seems to satisfy the needs of some people.
For example, on benches around Broadway and 72d.
The triangle oasis in the traffic jam area may be notorious because it often haunts from dusk to dawn, but at noon it is full of human nature and friendliness.
\"They were sitting there and we were sitting here,\" Dorothy glass reported decisively the other day, she glanced back at the rough, thick and short bench sitting behind her on the bench facing the opposite direction-
Far from the east of the sun.
Every day around 4, she said, when both sides fled and people moved in at night, the isolation ended. Mrs.
Grasse and Shirley\'s friends, her bench mates, said that the parade that people walked past their bench was no different from the March in the three blocks north, and they said they knew more nannies.
\"But I prefer to sit here . \"Glass said.
\"When you want to go, you can stand up and have no life.
\"Nearby, retired police officer Stephen Janis frowned on a copy of a racing form, a daily habit that often appears across the street
\"But I don\'t like how they look today,\" he said, folding the paper in disgust.
\"I have no horse.
\"At Rockefeller Center, Messenger Reginald Hinds has more criticism of street furniture than most people --
At least the designs he relied on, the pillars, poles and shelves he parked his bike.
He explained that the ad \"my chain is only 24 inch\" and he unlocked his 10-speed bike from the shelf.
\"It\'s too short to get close to the lamppost and lock the wheel.
It is not safe to just wrap the chain around a part of the frame.
You need a narrow pole or shelf as a fixed post
You can\'t find them when you need them the most?
Riska Wanago quietly drank a glass of soda and enjoyed the sound of the waterfall and the expressions of the people gathered in Paley Park, a two-week ceremony before she began to join the art student union
She said she was relaxed and comfortable and felt that there was no need to talk to strangers.
The same is true of Zachary Caully, a well-dressed observer and resident of vest pocket park located on 53d Street east of Fifth Avenue. Mr.
Caulliy, as in his habit, placed a bentosia mesh chair to make it slightly separate from the rest of the chairs.
But, as a singer and Broadway stage manager, he does like to meet with his former colleagues, he said.
If it weren\'t for Parley Park, the encounter would appear on his daily long walking tour in Manhattan.
\"You have to go a long way,\" he mused . \"
\"You sit here or there for a while --and walk again.
You may meet someone you know.
\"People tend to sit where there is a place to sit,\" said William H . \"
Author of the organizer, White, chief literary draftsman for the 1969 master plan in New York City. Mr.
White, who claims to be a city observer, is in charge of a fund-funded film survey of street furniture and is responsible for the recently revised urban plaza decoration standard. To Mr.
The square of success is where people feel \"social comfort.
\"And, he said, like in Peli Park, one of the devices that encourages this ease is movable furniture.
\"The active chair allows one person to make gestures --
Keep yourself alone in the crowd.
\"The trash can is Mr.
Special troubles for White
\"They are good at everything except what they are designed to do,\" he said . \".
\"The hole is too small.
However, while filming street furniture,
White found that cement containers were used for many other things.
For example, a person dictates to his secretary, or the student reads books, or, above all, the supplier dictates.
\"We need shelves on the streets,\" he stressed . \"
Harold Lewis malt, Washington industrial designer, acting chairman, Department of Architectural Design, University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida.
Agree and go further.
After a decade of nationwide research on street furniture
Malt, author of \"decorating the city (McGraw‐Hill)
It was concluded that the existing designs were \"Visual Pollution\" and dangerous.
For example, a government-funded study he has done in a high crime area in Miami Beach shows that robbery will be prevented if lighting shifts from streets to sidewalks, leaves and benches.
\"There is one more question,\" he continued.
\"The elderly don\'t see clearly.
Because they need more light, they stumble when walking. ”Mr.
Malt said that in the era of urban beautification at the turn of the century, planners should be more considerate.
\"The choice of everything from the water dispenser to the traffic sign is very proud,\" he said . \".
\"The focus was on meeting the needs of the people.
But to meet the demands of motorists, this emphasis has changed around the world. ”Now Mr.
Malt has seen renewed national interest in \"setting the lower city of the city as a dedicated pedestrian zone and rebuilding a more humane scale.
He said the chosen street furniture was crucial, as he found in a project in Cincinnati called \"operating Street View\" that existing designs in this highly dispersed industry rarely coexisted gracefully.
So he designed a new pole position system, a concept pioneered by George Nelson 30 years ago in a home shelf system, which was recently adapted for office furniture systems. Mr.
The pole of the malt lights at different levels and accepts about 20 sliding components, including signs, scrap baskets, phone booths, etc, or is pasted in other ways.
After that project.
\"Street View equipment Data Manual \";
\"A book showing design was rated by a panel of experts as the best book at home and abroad.
The book is considered a reference work for the norms of urban institutions and will be published in January by the Chicago American Public Works Association.
Despite the lack of innovative design, advertising
He said malt is optimistic about the future.
In fact, he says he is confident that a \"design explosion\" will be created in the next few years to meet the \"walkization\" that cities across the country are eagerly pursuing \".
Artec Group, a Los Angeles-based street furniture producer, reported that three of these furniture systems have been designed, one of which is fiberglass and is now being produced and used in Minni apores.
All of this is the work of Sasaki, Walker Associates, Inc.
Planners and landscape designers in sosharito, California
Peter Walker, one of the partners, stressed that these designs are not radical styling designs.
For example, the fiberglass line is coordinated with the manufacturer\'s earlier las design, in line with the EamesSaarinen tradition.
This is very practical, he said.
\"Graffiti was wiped off with acetone,\" he said . \"
The wood collection dates back to the original works of Paris, especially on its curved wooden benches, which became a recognized design for park seating around the world at the turn of the century.
And steel beam design-
In this case, another pole position system was designed for the city of Fresno-
It is purposefully integrated with the main steel frame modern buildings in today\'s cities.
The New York TimesA version of Harold Lewis Malte\'s Streit furnlture design file was printed on page 300 of the New York edition on November 2, 1975, titled: Home on the street, using furniture.
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